Dating in Groups

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My friends. Your friends. Our date.

Why Dating in Groups?

Because groups have more fun.

Blind dates are awkward. Traditional online dating? –Creepy, we know. And dinner-and-a-movie doesn’t go for what it used to.

DIG is different.

Skip that embarrassing one-on-one date and go out with a group that shares your good taste and interests. It’s you and your friends + him and his friends. DiG sets you up with an awesome date package for a fun and safe dating experience. We’ve got the hookup on all varieties of restaurants, clubs, shows and activities. Exclusive parties? That new gastropub? Perhaps something more adventurous–rock climbing anyone?

The good kind of random.

DIG is all about new people, new places, new ideas and new experiences. It’s the safest way out of your comfort zone. Browse profiles, find an interesting and compatible group of daters and go out in the city. Build friendships and your professional network, and maybe even update your relationship status along the way.